AKB Software is the joint venture between AIC Group of Viet Nam and KUBO Industries Company and KB Software Company of Japan.

KUBO Industries Company of Japan was established in 1948 in Nagasaki (in Kyusyu - Japan). The company’s operation field includes steel structure products as bridge beam equipment, manufacturing of large welded products, tubes used for thermal power plants, shipping manufacturing, equipping and repairing; software development; design, execution, supervision … relating to construction, pipe installation, painting work, installation of mechanism tools…

Over 20 years of experience, KB Software Company (KBS) focus on developing computer systems. KBS ‘s main activites spread to many fields such as industrial manufacturing, healthcare, schools, services.. The company is ready to support customers from designing, developing, user guiding to system operating. In addition, KBS also carry out the service to dispatch IT manpower to customers' companies such as programmer, technician, to meet the customer’s demand of human resource and reduce production cost.

With the mission as a bridge between the world with Japan, Vietnam, AKB Software Joinventure Company was founded in January 2008 with the aim of providing human resource services, products, technical in the field of industrial construction and IT fields. AKB is gradually developed with the help of business staff, highly qualified, experienced, committed and creative professional team of Vietnam and Japan. We believe that the human resource cooperation between the two countries will give the customers the experience of Japan and the tremendous ability of Vietnam, which is the biggest attraction of AKB Software.

AKB Software is a bridge between Japan and Vietnam, providing human resources services, products and techniques in IT

In the context of IT Industry being lack of excellent developers, required to reduce Production costs. AKB was established as a joint venture with cooperation of IT company in Vietnam (AIC) and Japanese companies ( KBS, KUBO) , which has sufficient resources to provide excellent services to satisfy customer requirements.



※ KB Software Co., Ltd make exchange, contract … from Japanese customers.


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