At the invitation of the Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC) of India Government, AKB Software took part in the annual IndiaSoft Show 2011 in two days 25th and 26th March 26 Pune city of India together with 3 other software companies in Vietnam (Tinh Van, TMA and Sao Bac Dau). With the participation of 150 Indian IT companies, the event attached the clients from 75 countries worldwide. This is a precious opportunity to introduce AKB to the partners in the world. Understand this value, AKB take full advantage of this opportunity and gain a lot valuable experience.


IndiaSoft 2011 in Pune, India


  With the goal of finding partners, exchange experience, during two days of the conference, AKB actively conducted the individual and general business meeting, to introduce the company with companies from India, Japan, USA, Canada, France ... These meetings and discussion not only help AKB to have valuable cooperation opportunities, expand the current outsourcing market, but also help AKB to understand and learn a lot of experience from foreign companies, especially from IT Indian companies on the method of outsourcing, organizing and managing. The experience is built on the successes and failures of the partners will be the valuable knowledge that will help AKB to improve and further develop in the field of outsourcing.


Mr. Tran Cong Manh (AKB) (left)
and the representative of Tinh Van and Japanese partner.


   At the conference, AKB also approach the solution of information technology products which has been developed in the Indian market such as the Outsourcing solution (Offshore, BPO ...), solution on Logistic on E-Governance, Education ..., especially software for mobile devices. This is the new emerging IT solution direction and also the direction that AKB will focus to develop in the future.


Exhibition both at IndiaSoft 2011


  AKB believe that the opportunities obtained from conference like IndiaSoft Show will be a powerful lever to push company to develop rapidly and sustainably.


  IndiaSoft Show is the annual conference held by the Ministry of industry and commerce and by the information technology association of India. In year 2011, the conference held in PUNE city with the participation of 150 Indian IT companies and 350 customers representatives from 75 countries worldwide. Vietnam has 4 companies participating included representatives of two companies in Hanoi : AKB Software Joint Venture Company and Tinh Van Co., ; 2 companies in Ho Chi Minh City is TMA and Sao Bac Dau.


  The event was organized to help Indian IT enterprises to be able to meet, promote business with customers in the world.